Thursday, March 10, 2011

awesome weekend...

as salam semua..hello2, hehehe...apa khabar sume?harap2 chat sume ye...(baik la plak aku mlm ni..tnya khabar sume, tp baik ape aku?ngeh3..)

well, focus to the headline...last week, 5 and 6th March are the best wekend of this month..u all know why??hehehee...this because i went hang out with my old friends...

on saturday, i went to Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam met with my netcentrians friends..we all doing skytrex except me, k.dila n bf k.dila..(em, bkn sbb takut tp cuma x nak je..hehehehe) exciting and extreme...all my frens that doing skytrex choose the extreme challenge which was the longest track (22 challenges)..if anyone wants to know more about this skytrek, rates and how to book at bukit cerakah, u all can visit bukit cerakah's website which contains more details information..Skytrex

i've pick some photos taken on from piah and k.syida's fb..but sorry if it not interesting to see bcoz it's all me and my frens pics..

me with skytrex banner. 

mira, piah, dj, muni and me..(5 from 10 budak hitam)

me with piah..(like this pic coz i and piah smile purely)

waiting to ride the  bus to go to the skytrex place.

posing again..hehehe..

me trying to ascend with the help of to k.dila for the picture..hehehe..

i'm walking in the jungle like jungle trekking coz not involve in skytrex..hehehe..

after finish skytrekking..

ha, i've 1 story to tell u all..this happen to me while i was waiting my frens finish their skytrex..em, u all see the above picture of me wearing the hat right?hehehe...i'm cute,right?hahahaha...

sory, i terperasan la plak..ngeh3...cmni..i'm waiting my fren at the wood table and chair provided at skytrex place..then, came an uncle and ask me "are you photgrapher?" i'm shocked to death with that uncle question. i said "No" and ask him why he ask me like that.. he told me that i look like a photographer coz at the time he saw me, i'm holding the Canon camera (k.syida pnya) watching the pitcures that have been taken until that time. but actually i'm not catching any pictures just see it like the photographer action..hehehe...can u imagine that?'s seem that i have the talent la right?ngeh3...

well, after skytrex, my frens and i (5 budak hitam) went to ayam penyet's restaurant at seksyen delicious although it is so spicy which i was crying and at the same time eating it..wuwuwu...

us at the ayam penyet's restaurant..

that day, i've made a record for it was the longest time i've ever do hanging outside..this bcoz, that morning, i went out from my uncle's house at 7.00 am at the taman melati's lrt and arrived back at that place on long, right..but so lucky, my uncle's did not say anything..ngeh3...

however, after my uncle's pick me up at the taman melati's LRT, we did not back to home but go to restaurant to eat satay. i'm ordered kuey teow kungfu for dinner..hehehe...after that, my uncle's family and me went round KL. we went to pusat karangkraf, istana budaya to meet with k.siti..unfortunately, it's already after 10pm, so the event has been closed and will be open tomorrow last, we went home at 11 pm...wah, so long i'm travel that day..from 7 am until 11 pm..wuwuwu...anyway, so fun...hehehe...

on sunday, i went hang out again but with my primary school(noor) and secondary school (suhailie)..we've already plan that date a long time before that and lastly, we decided to meet at Masjid Jamek's LRT and will  do window shopping and shopping at Jln TAR..hehhee..

to short the story, below were the pics taken that day with them at suhailie's FB..(p/s to suhailie::mohon izin ye..hehe..da amik, baru ckp..ngeh3..) we ate lunch at the nearest's food delicious coz so hungry..hehehe..

me and noor at jln masjid jalan india..
suhailie with her cousin..

At the same day, we all met with jey, our schoolmate at secondary school (SMU(A) Maahad Ahmadi Tanah Merah) in the Masjid, Allah's House..subhanallah, maha suci many places we went, in the ALLAH's house we met..Alhamdulillah..and wish that our friendship will be lasting forever..insya Allah...
zam noor aka jey with noor in the masjid india..
me with jey

noor, me, jey and suhailie..

after suhailie and her cousin went home coz suhailie can't walk at a long period, noor and me start searching a 3-in-1 bag for me and a jubah for my mother...after that, we split in the masjid jamek's LRT and go to our destination ourself..

FootNote::to all my frens that 'sudi' spend time with me and made my 2 days of holiday interesting, a lot of "THANK YOU" 
to all..i love u all and wish that we can spend another time together again..

ok u all, i think i better stop now and prepare to sleep although it still time, we meet again at other post..

mode::don't know what to do and where to go this coming weekend..follow uncle's family or stay at home and go to the friend wedding at seremban..huhu..

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